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Avant-Garde Learning Alliance (Avant-Garde) is a not-for-profit organization that works through partnerships to build the capacity of local schools and community organizations. We bring a balance of innovation and best practice with respect for local leadership, culture and tradition.

Through needs assessments and in-depth planning, Avant-Garde designs and facilitates engaging and practical professional learning workshops that support collaborative inquiry, strategic planning, critical problem solving and informed decision making.


Encouraging Children to Pursue a legal career

This special message comes from a local law office:

Should You Get An Anchorage Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Case?

We all make mistakes. Sometimes it’s not easy deciding whether or not to hire a criminal defense lawyer in Anchorage. It’s probably something you’ve never done before, right? You might not know the costs, and maybe you’re not sure if your case calls for one. You don’t want to waste money on a lawyer that isn’t going to do much to help you, but at the same time, you need the best representation for any criminal case.

What type of case are you dealing with currently? If you think that you might need a lawyer, you can consult with one to see what he or she could honestly do for you. Is a criminal defense attorney too expensive for you? If so, a public defender will always be available, but you have to be happy with that representation. You might qualify for a public defender but still want to look into hiring an attorney if possible.

It really just depends on your case. Some people have cut and dry first time DUIs and such, and the court might already be willing to do everything for you that a lawyer could accomplish. This is a loose example and every jurisdiction is different. In other words, don’t think that you don’t need an attorney for a first time DUI in Anchorage.

The attorney you’re thinking about hiring might be the best voice as to whether or not you need a lawyer. Of course they want your business, but you will have found an honest and competent attorney who will speak towards your best interest, whether or not it means hiring them. It could be that you just need to know a few more things about your case, and then you will feel more confident about the possible outcome. If not, then you certainly know now what to do.