Our Work


Instructional Workshops
Leadership Workshops
      -Build processes to improve instructional strategies in the classroom

-Analyze data using structured discussion, protocols, and other tools

-Establish a clear vision and process for school-wide growth

-Design and monitor Response to Instruction/ Intervention (RTI) plans

-Develop on-going support


   -District and site level strategic planning

-Leading effective meetings

-Building a professional and collaborative learning community

-Developing school-wide data processes

-Board and staff retreats

-Connecting leadership to effective instruction and student achievement

-Facilitation and team building tools


Organizational Planning Workshops PRAXIS Workshops
    -Develop data informed strategic plans and decision-making to drive your organization            forward

-Gather community data, perspectives, and         ideas that can affect your organization

    -Work collaboratively to design processes            and plans

    -Create a collaborative working environment

   -Build the confidence and test-taking skills

-Develop strategies to reduce test anxiety

-Create a network of support with people in similar situations, with comparable needs

-Collaboratively design clear, targeted study plans

-Establish a clear vision and process for passing the PRAXIS exams